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Tillett W2i Race Car Seat Black GRP with Backframe

Tillett W2i Race Car Seat Black GRP with Backframe

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The W2i is a 25 mm wider handmade version of the W1. It is available in Carbon/GRP and black GRP versions. The weight of this black GRP with backframe version is 3.6kg.

These seats can also be ordered with a seat covering made of the same material as Tillett’s kart racing seats which grips the body offering a small amount of vibration damping. A half covered example is ideal for open top cars. An alternative and popular covering option is a Dinamica® suede two-piece seat pad set listed as a configurable option. A set of lap belt holes and a center strap hole are included with every seat. To mount the seat, the TK5 kit provides the hardware compatible with most cars. The mounting points for the W2i are under the seat so that the TR1 seat sliders can be bolted directly to the underneath. Note that the runners must be spaced 1 cm from the underside of the seat to give clearance for the handle to operate.) Mounting of the seat is also possible straight to the floor using a piece of 25 mm box section or runner system and Tillett's nylon spacers can be purchased to tip the seat at different angles. W2 Dimensions

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