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Nuke Performance

Nuke Performance Fuel Filler Hose Kit, 3 feet

Nuke Performance Fuel Filler Hose Kit, 3 feet

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The Nuke Performance Fuel Filler Hose Kit is the perfect solution for all of your fuel-filling needs. Its anti-static corrugated design allows for maximum flexibility.Thanks to its lightweight construction, an 80% weight savings in comparison to commonly used aftermarket 50mm (2") fill hoses is achieved, which means it won´t add unnecessary weight to your vehicle, making it ideal for motorsports applications.

 Extremely flexible thanks to its corrugated design
 Safe for all types of fuel, including alcoholic fuels
 Very lightweight, with up to 80% weight savings
 Anti-static nylon hose and Viton bushings
 50mm (2") internal diameter
 Fits straight onto the CFC Unit and Remote filler cap

The Nuke Performance fuel filler hose is also highly durable, able to handle all types of fuels including E85 and other alcoholic fuels, even during long time periods. It is perfect for use with aftermarket fuel cells such as ATL, Pyrotect, AluCell, Fuel Safe and others, and can easily connect to a remote fill neck or OEM filler cap. Whether you're using it in motorsports or just need a reliable and flexible fuel transfer hose for your vehicle, this hose has you covered.

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