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Cartek Shift Light (Club)

Cartek Shift Light (Club)

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The new for 2020 SHIFT-LIGHT (Club) from CARTEK is a dashboard mounted device that is designed to indicate to the driver the optimum time to shift up a gear to obtain maximum performance from their engine. The device contains 8 multi-coloured LEDs which form a display sequence that will commence at an engine speed prior to optimum and complete at precisely the optimum speed thereby giving the driver early indication to shift up before the rev limiter is reached or engine damage occurs. The SHIFT-LIGHT (Club) requires an engine speed signal to operate which can be any RPM output from an ECU (5V or 12V square wave), tachometer signal or ignition coil signal.


  • Configure the lower and upper RPM settings with or without the engine running. Engine only needs to be revved to 50% of max RPM if setting up with engine running, or manually input RPM values using Push Button at rear of Shift Light.
  • Choice of 4 brightness levels for LED's
  • Choose from 6 Shift Light Patterns - either linear or converging.
  • Also includes an Alarm feature which can be used to alert the driver of an engine issue, such as over-heating or low oil pressure, by making a connection to a compatible sensor, data logging system or dashboard alarm output signal.
  • Additional RPM filter setting available designed for Historic applications
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